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The Girl From Silent Lake
by Leslie woods

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Very interesting. FBI agent goes back to her home townand gets involved in a serial killer case that is very close to home.

Judy Moody Was In A Mood
by Peter H Reynolds

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Judy goes to school, she has a cat and she has a fly eater plant, she’s tall her dad is wiping the floor

The Last Unicorn
by Peter S Beagle

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One of those books that is impossible to put down once started. A beautifully real fantasy.

Weather Or Not
by Nancy Day

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Cool book, lots of info

We Came We Saw We Left
by Charles Wheelan

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A fun, light read. I really enjoyed this armchair travel. Traveling with teenagers, a novel and interesting experience. Perfect for reading when it is hot outside and the air conditioning is blowing inside.

This Close To Okay
by Leesa Cross-Smith

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I enjoyed this book. Although it teetered on the edge of a Romance Novel, Cross-Smith kept her characters interesting and the schmaltz out. I received a wonderful summer reading break. Thanks.

Gambel's Quail
by Lynn Kaufman

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Gambel's Quail live in our neighborhood and I wanted a short book to tell me about their behavior. This book was well-written, entertaining, and provided just what I needed.

Transient Desires
by Donna Leon

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Another great Guido mystery I highly recommend all of Leon's books. They never disappoint.

The English Roses 'Friends for Life'
by Madonna

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Its fun! I love the details and its fun how the characters tell about themselves

The merman's kiss
by Yasmin Lee

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Mermen mate for life and bond only once. A girl jumps in the ocean to kill herself and the merman bonds with her . His kiss let's her breath underwater. It's not safe for her as the mermaids are jealous. Do they separate or can they still be together safely?

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