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Freedom & Resolve - The Living Edge Of Surrender
by Gangaji

Every time I read this book I marvel at how Gangaji continuously directs me back “to attending to what is already still” and experiencing deeper and deeper this stillness.

Freedom & Resolve - The Living Edge Of Surrender
by Gangaji

Following a deep experience of awakening comes the challenge of being true to that experience in everyday life.This distinctive, little book cuts to the heart of the egos most subtle strategies for control. Through the gift of self-inquiry and your own deepest desire to live a true and authentic life, Gangaji invites you to discover the effortless simplicity of a resolve so total, every aspect of daily life is used naturally for deepening surrender into your own true self.

The Awakened Guide
by Eli Jaxon-Bear

The direct guidance given in “The Awakened Guide” points the way home to one’s own heart and to the direct experience of one’s true nature, of one’s true self. “The Awakened Guide” offers the opportunity to consciously participate in the next wave of the evolution of the human species.

The Babysitters Club Mary Anne Saves The Day
by Ann M. Martin

I think this book was wonderfully about growing up tacking a stand and friendship

Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Meltdown Paperback
by Jeff Kinney

I think k

Not Without My Daughter
by Betty Mahmoody

I just finished this book, and it was amazing. The book includes incredible mystery, suspense, and bravery, leaving me astonished at the fact that it really happened. It really gave me new perspective and was a really interesting read.

Fablehaven Book 1
by Brandon Mull


Falling Into Grace By Adyashanti
by Adyashanti

His best work yet. Better and more concise than any of his other works.

by John Scalzi

Very creative and unique. Great for Star Trek fans. Like most good books, it makes you laugh and cry. I also found myself thinking about my own life choices after this book. Finished it una Highly recommended.

The Night Fire
by Michael Connelly

Excellent book, excellent read. It had me page turning until the very end, even after reading 10 or more other Connelly books.
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