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Go Dog Go
by Pd Eastman Books

About different dogs

Noisy Nora
by Rosemary Wells

She pretty noisy, she’s a mouse and a child, she try’s to play chess with her dad

Judy Moody Was In A Mood
by Peter H Reynolds

Judy goes to school, she has a cat and she has a fly eater plant, she’s tall her dad is wiping the floor

The Strange Case Of Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde
by Robert Louis Stevenson

This book is a good book the read! I encourage people to read this book. They should probably be the age of 8,9 and above !

This Close To Okay
by Leesa Cross-Smith

I enjoyed this book. Although it teetered on the edge of a Romance Novel, Cross-Smith kept her characters interesting and the schmaltz out. I received a wonderful summer reading break. Thanks.

A Bad Day For Sunshine
by Darynda Jones

A romance novel. A crime suspense novel. All written in a sassy smart-ass style. Normally, I would hate this kind of book. However, Darynda Jones keeps the plot moving along. No time to get bogged down in all the parts I don't like. I just want to know what's coming next. (Note to self: Timing is the key.)

Five Feet Apart
by Rachel Lippincott

Very emotional the story is so well thought out

The great Dinosaur mystery
by Ken Ham

I really like this book it explains the reason dinosaurs were on earth and what they are. I didn’t like the parts when it changed the subject to parts i did not want to read.

Winter Pasture
by Li Juan

I loved this book. Like travelers everywhere say, "People are people, no matter where you go." I loved Li Juan's approach, revealing the personalities more than specific actions which were culturally different. Kazakh herders felt happiness, loneliness, despair, comraderie and difficulties; like every human faces in every life. I loved learning about Cuma, Kama, Sister-in-law and the rest of the family and neighbors. "Winter Pasture" was a delightful read.

Dream Peddler
by Gail E. Haley

An excellent telling of a classic; any reader (and therefore dreamer) should be pleased to read this to their children.
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