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Transient Desires
by Donna Leon

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Another great Guido mystery I highly recommend all of Leon's books. They never disappoint.

The Girl From Silent Lake
by Leslie woods

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Very interesting. FBI agent goes back to her home townand gets involved in a serial killer case that is very close to home.

Ghosts Of Gold Mountain
by Gordon H. Chang

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This is a well researched book about the Chinese who built the Transcontinental Railroad. Chang made the people of this place and time really come alive. Even when many records are lost to history, he was able to create a in depth portrait of their lives and experience. I really appreciated this approach because I was able to see these men as individuals, and not just as a faceless group from a foreign (to me) culture.

Weather Or Not
by Nancy Day

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Cool book, lots of info

Bread, toast, crumbs : recipes for no-knead loaves and meals to savor every slice
by Alexandra Stafford

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Alexandra Stafford's mother was known for her peasant bread but always refused to share the recipe. Stafford eventually convinced her to share it with fans of her blog, and it quickly became popular. Stafford's book uses that recipe as the basis for making a number of different kinds of no-knead bread and shares how to use it as bread, toast, and finally crumbs. Lots of yummy looking recipes that I want to try.

Gambel's Quail
by Lynn Kaufman

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Gambel's Quail live in our neighborhood and I wanted a short book to tell me about their behavior. This book was well-written, entertaining, and provided just what I needed.

Death Makes A Holiday
by David J Skal

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Good read. His book is fact after fact which I liked but also made it more difficult to read. It was published early 2000s and I'd be curious to see what he has to say about the past 20 years. I intend to read more of his work.


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Gangaji's frankness and openess about her own journey gives all her readers the transmission and tools needed to liberate oneself from the story of ego.  This great liberation from the story of ego is a momentous leap utterly necessary in order to wake up to one's true nature. What a joy to feel the power of this liberation both in Gangaji's words and, even more, in the space of silence between the words. It is only from this place of liberation that resplendent glory of the unique perspective of your enlightenment can emerge in its full radiance. It is an honor and a delight to recommend this book to any sincere seeker yearning to call of the search.

The great Dinosaur mystery
by Ken Ham

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I really like this book it explains the reason dinosaurs were on earth and what they are. I didn’t like the parts when it changed the subject to parts i did not want to read.

Charlottes Web Book
by E.b. White

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I love it

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