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Not Without My Daughter
by Betty Mahmoody

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I just finished this book, and it was amazing. The book includes incredible mystery, suspense, and bravery, leaving me astonished at the fact that it really happened. It really gave me new perspective and was a really interesting read.

Fablehaven Book 1
by Brandon Mull

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Pop The Hood Blaze And The Monster Machines Lift-the-flap
by Omar Hechtenkopf

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Simple kids book with flaps on the pages

Suds In Your Eye
by Mary Lasswell

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Suds in Your Eye is one of my favorite books of all time. Set in. San Diego junk yard during WWII, Mrs. Feeley and her friends Mrs. Rasmussen and Miss Tinkham work hard to raise the money to pay the back taxes on the junkyard while drinking copious amounts of beer. The book is the foundation for my map to successful old ladyhood.

The Land Of Stories The Wishing Spell
by Chris Colfer

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The Wishing Spell by Chris Colfer is the first book in the six-book series called The Land of Stories. This book was amazing to read and imagine a world that was described in the 438 pages. A web of mysteries unfold as you dive deep into the chapters. The story is about a girl, named Alex, and her twin brother Conner, who travel into a magical world called Land of Stories. I would strongly recommend this fantastic book for readers of all ages, especially for people who are passionate about fairy tales and adventures. This book inspired me to make reading my favorite hobby. Furthermore, my parents were very proud and ecstatic that I had finally started reading chapter books. These reasons made Chris Colfer my favorite author! If you read it maybe you will also find your chosen author is Chris Colfer too and read more of his books!

Falling Into Grace By Adyashanti
by Adyashanti

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His best work yet. Better and more concise than any of his other works.

dead famous
by Carol O'connell

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good read. ... enjoy

Freedom & Resolve - The Living Edge Of Surrender
by Gangaji

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Following a deep experience of awakening comes the challenge of being true to that experience in everyday life.This distinctive, little book cuts to the heart of the egos most subtle strategies for control. Through the gift of self-inquiry and your own deepest desire to live a true and authentic life, Gangaji invites you to discover the effortless simplicity of a resolve so total, every aspect of daily life is used naturally for deepening surrender into your own true self.

Book scavenger
by Jennifer Chambliss Bertman

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Very good book so far it sort of reminds me of Mr lemencillo’s library

The Guardians
by John Grisham

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Fantastic book about the Georgia Innocent Project and those convicted of crimes they didnt commit. The story is fast paced but with enough engrossing details to keep you reading to the end. 5 stars for me!

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